At 60, when many think of slowing down, Anne Marie Niandou Gbobia graduated from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. Raised in Cote d’Ivoire, Anne Marie has a burden for French-speaking African nations.

“I applied to Bootcamp after the Lord gave me 3 dreams about a vast ripe wheat field that I could not harvest. I was hand picking the wheat and could only pick 3 ears. I woke up sorry for such a meager result. I cried out to the Lord for strategies and help in that area, feeling I would miss my destiny if I failed to harvest that huge field. My prayer was ‘Lord, this can only be done by a harvester; I need a harvester.’ The Lord connected me to that harvester—CfaN.

CfaN’s mass crusade evangelism is an incredible harvesting machine that can collect thousands of souls in just one crusade. That’s what I wanted!
Bootcamp catapulted me to another level in ministry. It challenged and boosted my faith and changed my life. I got pruned, and it drove me closer to Jesus. I learned so much about myself, others, and mass evangelism. It gave me boldness and self-confidence, not in my own ability, but to walk in the call of God. And it gave me a family of fellow evangelists, people I share the same vision with.

What would I say to someone in my season of life, who is hearing the call? I’d say, ‘Do not hesitate!’ There is no age to answer the call of God. God works in seasons, and if going to Bootcamp is what God has put in your heart,
He will give you all it takes to succeed: health, strength, finance and any other concern. Also, there is no conflict of generations at Bootcamp. Bootcamp is like a puzzle where there is a place for every piece to fit in.

Right now, I am working as a missionary evangelist. I have been to Tanzania and Ghana for Kids/Youth Crusades and to Ghana for 2 Leadership Conferences. I am in Cote d’Ivoire to organize Kids/Youth Crusades but also to pave the way for future Bootcamp Initiation Trips in West African countries. What I am doing now is like getting on track to me—I am living my best life doing what my soul longed for.”

CfaN Bootcamp Graduate