After forty-one years with CfaN I have seen a lot—all the early days of exciting growth in the crusades, the completion of the big tent and then the incredible massive crusades in West Africa that continue to this day.
So many ministries end with a slow winding down of vision and activity with a handover to a less-than-qualified family member, but with CfaN this is absolutely not the case. Thanks to Reinhard Bonnke’s obedience in opening the way for a successor and Daniel Kolenda’s willingness to submit his call to it, the future arrived with a big splash.

Now, with over a decade of Daniel’s vision and leadership, we are in full swing with even more crusades than ever before and the amazing rush of hundreds of evangelists to be trained and to join the harvest. Crusades and outreaches are taking place around the world constantly now with people being saved daily.
And this multiplication of effort, vision and zeal will result in the biggest move of evangelism in the history of the church. We are already seeing the early signs of this.

What a joy it is to be able to witness all of this and to be a part of it. And every mission partner, every donor, IS a part of it! It’s thanks to you that all of this tremendous growth is possible, and with every precious soul brought into the Kingdom of God, you share in the heavenly reward the Father promised. We want you to know that every donation, big or small, is not only a blessing to us, but a tool in the Lord’s hands to accomplish miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance.

Will you prayerfully consider becoming a regular giver to this ministry? Partners who commit to monthly giving enable us to plan better, to set new and exciting goals and to carry out the strategies God has given us to reach at least 150 million for Jesus before the end of this decade. Thank you for standing with Christ for all Nations to share the Gospel!

-Reverend Peter Vandenberg

(CfaN Vice President)