A graduate from CfaN’s School of Evangelism, Jessi Green is impacting the West Coast of America in a revival that is happening in California, after passionately following the vision God gave her five years ago.
Jessi Green has always been someone who has a huge passion for the lost. One day, she realized she had the gift of evangelism. However, she couldn’t find much information for evangelists to train and prepare for ministry.
“I feel like it’s one of the few spiritual gifts that is not talked about a ton. People love evangelists, but they don’t know what to do with them,” she said in a recent interview.
But then she found out about the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. And later on, Jessi discovered the CfaN School of Evangelism (SOE). So, she enrolled in the course even when she was financially broke. Jessi remembers crying and praying almost every day after class because of everything she had learned from the school’s teachers.

A double portion
And on one unforgettable day, during the secondto- last day of school, she went up to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. The young evangelist made what she calls a “really weird request” of him. She asked him if she could have a “double portion” of his anointing.
The late, great evangelist looked her straight in the eye and grabbed her hands.
Then he told her, “You’ll receive the thing that you’ve asked for.”
In September 2015, Jessi graduated from SOE. She came out of the school completely on fire for God. She has never been the same again!
Since then, she has felt a burden for America. When Jessi went back to New York, she started to share the Gospel on the streets and in the subways. Jessi also came to the point that she couldn’t fall asleep because of the fire burning inside her. She kept sharing the Gospel wherever she went across New York, and as a result, multitudes of people were saved.
Three months after graduating from the School of Evangelism, Jessi received a vision from God for California. She saw a vision of Huntington Beach wherein “thousands of people were being baptized.” She said people were “turning around and baptizing people, chaotic, no order.”

God said, “GO!”
God told her that it will be the “next revival that she will be a part of.” The revival will start through the “equipping of the Saints.” God wanted her to take that fire in her to others as well. So, without hesitation, Jessi obeyed and trusted God. She and her husband left everything in New York, including their jobs, and moved to California with a 2-monthold baby. They lived in a tiny apartment in Huntington Beach. They sacrificed everything for the vision God had for their lives. For several years, they did ministry in that place and founded home churches called Salt Churches. But Jessi began to doubt if the vision God gave her would come to pass because nothing was happening.
Nevertheless, she kept trusting God. She kept doing things small—equipping and discipling people, teaching them to follow Jesus. And they continued to preach the Gospel in the streets.
In April 2019, she heard God telling her that the vision she saw would happen in the summer of 2020. So, Jessi co-organized the event called SATURATE OC 2020. When COVID-19 broke out, she thought it would no longer happen. But the Holy Spirit kept telling her it would still come to pass.
Although she lost partnerships in the SATURATE OC 2020 she had coorganized, God told them to keep going. They wanted to obey God even if that meant they had to go alone in the event. Then, an unexpected miracle happened!

Jessi Green