Right now as I am writing this, I am sitting in an airplane 30,000 ft above the ground on my way to Tanzania to set up a great Gospel crusade, and I
am just humbled and thankful when I look back to the beginning of the year where all of this started!
In January 2020, I had the great privilege of being part of the first ever CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, conducted by Daniel Kolenda.
Today I can say I would not be able to sit in this plane, confident that I am able to execute such a big task, without the knowledge that I gained in the Bootcamp classes.
During Bootcamp, the world’s greatest evangelists and crusade organizers taught us, but it was by no means just theoretical training. Almost every topic that was taught in the Bootcamp also had its practical side.
From theory to action I really enjoyed the lessons on crusade organizing that Rev. John Darku held. This man organized the largest crusade in the world in 2000 in Lagos, Nigeria, and taught us how to do it too. And then suddenly during Bootcamp, the door opened for me and many other Bootcampers to get really practically involved in actual crusade organization in Africa.
I am so glad we didn’t only have John Darku teaching us how to organize a crusade, but also Russell Benson, who was responsible for organizing all the
American CfaN events. In addition to him, we also learned from Bret Sipek, Siegfried Tomazsewski, and many more. And suddenly, with the opportunity to be part of the organizing team for the upcoming Tanzanian crusades, everything that we heard in the training became real and applicable!
But it was not only the training on crusade organization that prepared me for this huge task. No; every single session that we had in Bootcamp, and for me personally especially those with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, really readied us to be the bestequipped evangelists in the world! We were trained one-on-one by Daniel Kolenda on how to preach, how to write a salvation message, how to conduct an effective altar call, and the theological foundation of every part of a Gospel crusade. I could write so much more about it, but I have to leave the plane now and get into action so that many will get saved!

Lukas Repert